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Online Life Coaching Courses


"If you are wanting to live every day with passion, certainty & knowing you are loving as well as lovable then this program has the combination to the lock that you have been looking for"

Katherine Robertson

For a limited time, I'm gifting this entire program to the world for FREE to support you in your journey to you during this time.

Now is the perfect time for you. To put you at the top of your to-do list, to choose to progress, to deepen your relationship with you and create deeper connection and relationships with those you love


"I am free and empowered to live in ways I would never have dared to dream..."

Liz Murray

12 Ground-breaking human behaviour models to overcome self-doubt & experience complete self-trust. 

Discover the remarkable framework behind self-love and self-trust .


"How do you review something that has changed your life? A change you knew was needed, yet you had no idea where to begin or what it would take..."

Cindy Plowman

Your step-by-step to getting started as a coach even if you have never coached before. 

The exact system that gives you proven coaching tools, access to extraordinary mentors and outstanding support to turn your dreams into reality


"The training is different to many Sales Training I have bought in the past 15 years.  It is practical, simple and logical yet is untaught in the corporate sales environment."  

Sylvia Ha

Ultimate Influence is THE consultative sales program for marketers, coaches, consultants, presenters and trainers who generate leads and want higher conversions through their sales team. Discover how to become a master closer, get prospects convincing YOU and turn objections into 'yes'


"I grew a lot as a person & a mother & also as a business owner. It truly opened my eyes to human behavior & the way we think & behave."

Melissa Ryan

Breakthrough self-doubt and begin your ultimate journey towards self-love. 

Gain the clarity and momentum you've been wanting to let go of what's been holding you back and propel yourself forward in creating a life on your terms. Learn more about human behaviour and mindset to live an awesome life both inside and out.


“If you care about your people as a business owner it’s a no-brainer to get this training.  How to create a culture where employees get a platform to flourish and discover their full potential, a potential they didn’t even think they had within.” Manasee Arpan-Roy


"Ultimate Wealth made me see that I had massive blind spots around money. I’m now in control of it, not it calling the shots. I am now earning more than I ever dreamed possible..." 

Sue Mckenzie

Disruptive leadership is THE program for creating the leaders of tomorrow. This is not a model for management.


It’s a model for shaking up the status quo and building incredible culture where results and passionate people can thrive.

Imagine waking up each day feeling the financial freedom and deep fulfilment you've been wanting and knowing with complete clarity that you have the best wealth creation strategies working for you...

Internationally Recognised Life Coaching Accredited Courses


Credentialed Practitioner of Coaching

Your ideal starting place to discover personal transformation and begin the journey of becoming a successful life coach.


Credentialed Master 

Practitioner of Coaching


Credentialed Advanced Practitioner of Coaching

Your ideal pathway to building a successful coaching business and becoming an expert in your coaching niche.


Accredited Professional Coach


Considered the premium choice in life coaching courses (80% of our students start here), this is your ideal course as someone who's committed to making a difference.

The highest standard of coaching training and education currently available in the world, this is the elite level of professional coaching and entry is by invitation only.


The world's first and only proven, researched-based coaching methodology

If you love learning about yourself - and others - Meta Dynamics™ will help you build your dreams, and life into specific, achievable outcomes that you can easily follow. 

Meta Dynamics™ revolutionises the next level of personal and professional evolution.

It is the most innovative breakthrough in human behaviour, and neuroplasticity, since NLP, based on the original work of Richard Bandler and John Grinder.

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