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Firstly, know that we think it’s great
that you’re here.If you have a passion, and you need some support, perhaps you’re exactly where you need to be.

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Remi funds this charity herself because she loves helping women who, like her, realised a little later in life that they could live their lives on their own terms. Who recognised that the limits they had believed in for so long were illusions.

Remi wants to help women who are passionate about their “fabulous thing” but who need a little help bringing an aspect of it to life, or who need a boost to take it to the next level.

Firstly, it’s important to know:

There is an Live Your Dream Grant Committee who considers your application. It includes Remi, and other people who love the vision for this charity and are on the look out for fabulous women who could do with a boost.



In fairness to everyone who applies, no complaints about unsuccessful grant applications are considered. We are searching for women who come to this grant process in the spirit in which it is offered: We are doing our best to support who we believe would benefit the most.


In any single month we may receive dozens of applications! Dozens. So we do our best, based on what we are provided by applicants, and our criteria, to match grant funds to those we believe would benefit the most.



The process is the same for everyone, to ensure fairness. Regardless of where you are in the world, the process remains the same. We accept grant applications from all around the world. The grant amounts vary depending upon the country, exchange rate, the nature of the grant application, and the funds that are available.

Often there are many outstanding applications.
This means excellent applicants can miss out. In these instances, the applicant who missed out is asked to reapply in the following month. 
We can’t change how much we can give.


We can’t change our decisions, because that would be unfair to those we’ve informed who are successful. And we can’t control how difficult it is to get the grants to some countries. We are always doing our best.

There is the Grant Application to complete. Then we consider all applicants from the previous month in the next month.

We announce all successful applicants at the end of the month after the grants are received. We distribute the funds (as best we can), in that month, and the month after that, depending on difficulty.


If you need grant money for an event or an exhibit which is a fixed date, please take all of this into account when applying for the grant. 

If the grant application is received too close to the date of the event the grant funds are allocated to, the grant will be unsuccessful. Emails and regular mail are accepted forms for grant applications.




When a grant application is incomplete, the grant application, unfortunately, will not be considered. The committee will not be asking for the blanks to be completed. They are busy considering grant applications.

If your grant application arrives in the month after you had anticipated, we are unable to move it to your preferred, previous month.


We appreciate this is challenging sometimes, when deadlines matter, however we just don’t allocate the people to managing this level of administration, so we can keep costs down and give as much money away as possible.



We discourage people applying who can generate their own funding, who aren’t passionate about their work, who are going to blame others for an unsuccessful application, or who don’t complete all aspects of the grant application process.

We encourage coaches to become coaches and mentors for the successful applicants. We believe that coaching is one of the lowest-cost entry professions in the world. If you are struggling as a coach, please get in touch with the International Coaching Institute for free support as you build your coaching practice. 

There are many free tools available, and low-cost ways to attract clients. Because of the support available for all coaches at the International Coaching Institute, coaches are not considered for grant applications.

We discourage people applying who want the money to save a company, to pay wages or any form of payment to people, or who want the money to give themselves a profit they haven’t been able to generate on their own. 

We discourage people applying who have alternative sources of support and funding.
Given the volume of applications, the sheer need for so much support, and the limits on the funding, we encourage all applicants to find alternative paths for support before applying for a grant with the Live Your Dream Foundation.

And Remi would love to hear from you to find out if she can play a small part in your journey...

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