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Welcome to BraveHeart with Remi Pearson

After premiering in 2019, Remi's podcast series featuring global business and thought leaders, authors and international media stars including The E-Myth's Michael E Gerber, psychoanalyst, Dr. David Richo and the creator of Internal Family Systems (IFS) Dr. Richard Schwartz. In Australia, she's met with demographer and columnist Bernard Salt, legendary author Patrick Lindsay and The Growth Faculty's Karen Beattie to name just a few.

The series had drawn a global audience of over 2million people. BraveHeart's average views per episode put it in the top one per cent of series in the world, thanks to its mix of inspirational guests and honest conversations that see Remi explore ideas that perhaps aren't being challenged enough.  

This platform is where you can dive deep into social media perils, cancel culture, climate change, what the world will look like in years ahead, and personal issues including claiming confidence, time management for busy working women and resilience. You can discover live coaching sessions around what matters to you most.


BraveHeart is where we all get to hang out, celebrate the diversity of ideas, share thoughts, challenge the status quo and have the most raw and open discussions about how we can live our fullest life when 'getting by' seems the easier path.


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