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"I Will Be Happy When..."

Joining me on the first episode of the Braveheart podcast, Dr. Julie Smith is a clinical psychologist with a decade of experience in supporting the community around mental health and cognitive behavior therapy on social media! (As her book is published in over 30 different languages the book has traveled more than she has! How cool is that?) If you’re someone who wants to take even a small step towards self-compassion then you would want to watch this episode and learn from one of the best!

Together we unpack...

- Cognitive behavioral therapy and tools to support you when you are facing tough times - The ways we distort our thinking through thought biases and cognitive biases to hide our vulnerabilities - How we can show compassion in the face of self-criticism to ourselves and others in our lives

In the podcast we explore together:

04:15 The complexities of human emotion

11:54 Cognitive behavioural therapy

18:48 The importance of your value system

26:14 Distortions in thinking

35:34 Finding information in our emotions

48:21 Thoughts on affirmations

57:27 Overcoming self-criticism



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