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The most meaningful Mother's Day gift for the strangest of times

Two weeks ago, I started pulling together something special for my mum for Mother's Day. Using different colours, I wrote ever day in a card, short messages about what was going on, how I was thinking about her and why it mattered.

I wanted her to know that I didn't just pull off sending a card but it was something thoughtful, a process when I thought about her and everything she's given me.

I posted it with a framed photo of her hoping she'd laugh at her memory of where we were when it was taken, and know I wish we were closer on Mother's Day.

I live in Melbourne, Australia, and mum is on the other side of the island, in Perth, so we don't always get to see each other on Mother's Day anyway. But this year, with the world in lockdown, means it's different for every mother—and every person with a mother—all over the world.

Lockdown means there won't be the Sunday lunch where mum cranks out her signature chicken pie while listening to Elvis, where a cork is popped and the family laughs about mum's greatest parenting hits.

Still, while a Zoom toast may replace hugs, I'm really hoping to close the distance. It's an opportunity to find less commercial, more inventive ways to let our mothers know how much they mean to us.

When this whole thing started around the world and Australian states shut their borders, my mum was alone.

I wanted her not to feel that way, so I sent her a text every morning about where I'm at, walking with JP or walking alone, a view of where I'm walking. I call it 'Tourist on Patrol.'

It's a little touchpoint so she wakes up each morning knowing I'm connecting with her.

It's really a time to adapt and think differently how we're bringing love into this space. Even though there's physical distance we can find a way to bridge the gap.

I'm wondering how you're planning to celebrate your mum on Mother's Day, and I have a suggestion about what we can all do to make it really special for our mums, to let them know we're thinking of them.

The message is that they matter and the distance really doesn't.

So ... here's my plan.

I'm making a little video for mum and want to invite you to shoot one too. Grab a phone, don't rehearse, speak from the heart and tell her why she's loved, worthy and enough.

Then post it on Facebook with #motherslove and #loveyoumum. Tag me, tag The Coaching Institute and let's get something wonderful happening. A global virtual hug that will represent everything our mums mean to us.

Here's what I'm telling mum.

"I love that I get to touch base with you every day, and share and remind you that you're important to me. We get to share the special moments, the ups and downs, and I love that, it's so precious.

"I love that we got to get together just before lockdown and I really love that each day we might send a photo that reminds us we're in each other's hearts."

We're adaptable. We can find a way to help people feel love no matter what the distance.

I reckon never die with a song unsung, and this is a great opportunity to sing the song.

In the meantime, if you're a mum, you're really awesome and I trust you're experiencing all the love and appreciation you need.

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