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This ONE Thinking Strategy Can Transform What You're Capable of...

If we see each thing we do, each decision we make, and each step we take as a strategy, we can see patterns in how we operate within our world.

Each experience we have, create, or react/respond to, is a strategy.

Each strategy has component parts.

The key to this thinking is to move away from thinking in terms of ‘content’ – what happened, who was there, what happened next, etc – and think in terms of patterns and generalisations.

A strategy is a way to describe a choice, a reaction, or a response without focusing in on the details.

For example, someone may react the same way to the same situation, over and over, even though it causes them pain. They may avoid intimacy or supporting someone who needs support. No matter how many times support is sought, they seem incapable of providing it, preferring instead to rely on how busy they are, or how they don’t see how it is really a problem. That description is the content. The strategy is represented in the following way:


The Trigger to run the strategy (of not supporting someone) is being asked for support.


The Operation of the strategy is the person refusing to support the other person.


The Test of the strategy is whether the person has stopped asking for support. If they have stopped asking, the person withholding support can then…


The Exit of the strategy is when the operation is complete, and the person can exit running the strategy.


If, however, the person who asks for support keeps asking, then instead of exiting the st