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Why #StrongerTogether is so much more than a hashtag

Okay. We've had weeks now to adjust to how much our beloved, familiar world has changed and the ripples—wave for many—it's caused in our daily lives. But among the turmoil something really amazing is growing in the community.

You're hopefully feeling it like I am. For me, when times get tough, when there's adversity, there's also so many opportunities for us to contribute beyond ourselves.

This is not a 'stop thinking about what's going on for you' thing. Everyone has to look after their own stuff, always. It's just that there can be a tendency to shut down, to retreat, tap into our fear as if that's all there is.

And it's not all there is. There's also wonderful pathways towards reaching out to others.

So the hashtag StrongerTogether, and what that means to me, is really profound.

#StrongerTogether means you and I finding ways we can make a difference and touch people's lives. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. Just a kind word. Sending a funny photo to a friend. Giving toilet paper.

Whatever it is, the important part is the idea of being stronger together.

So, what you contribute is a really personal thing. Let me share what I believe I can contribute to you.

At the moment, one thing is a program called Empowering You. We've been selling it for four years for $500. Now we're giving it away for free so people can get value from it.

They'll draw strength from it. They’ll be able to have the capacity to give beyond themselves. I love that.

Then my husband JP and I worked out a way—and remember, we're a coaching school—to import hospital grade hand sanitiser, so we're bringing in a container or so of that.

We're making it available to our community at just above cost, and we're including gifts and donations to Foodbank, which is the only food relief organisation in Australia to play a role in times of emergency.

That's a real way we feel w