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Hi! I'm Remi

I had nothing more than desperation when I began this journey, but it was enough to get me out of feeling stuck and into the life of my dreams. Who knew that ‘nothing to lose’ could translate into a movement that touches millions?

Through our world-class coaching training programs, best-selling books, the #Perspectives podcast, and the Ultimate You Quest movement, I help people like you live your dream, become your most authentic self, and make a difference through meaningful action.

I often get asked, “How can I succeed?”

For the longest time, I didn’t know how to answer that question for myself. I saw people succeeding at life, and they had come from tough upbringings where just surviving would have been a triumph. Why did some people struggle, and others triumph?


Since 2004 my quest has been to answer the question, “How can we live our best life?”, which is—to me—ultimate success.

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I began coaching and studying human behaviour from our bedroom, sitting on the bed with my 'office' (a box of folders and two coaching books) next to me. It took 12 months to build a successful coaching business from the ground up.


"I know you have it within you

to change your life."

Within two years I’d opened the doors to The Coaching Institute and enrolled my first intake of coaching training students. I think I had a single page website and a photocopied brochure to mail out. I was light on resources but it didn’t make any difference: by now I’d learned that true 'success' was in what I gave, and giving felt great!


In 2010 I won an award at the Telstra Victorian Business Women’s Awards, and TCI was a finalist in the Telstra Business Awards four years running from 2007, plus the People’s Choice Award in 2012.

My time on Channel 10 as the morning TV resident life coach wasn’t my best experience, but it taught me compassion, kindness, and DTRT (Do The Right Thing) were worthy regardless of where you find yourself.

By the time we bought our Melbourne campus,  our mission was clear:
Live Your Dream. Do it your way. Do it because you care about yourself. Do it because playing life at half speed and half effort makes simply no sense. Do it because one day you will be looking back and taking stock of how you lived, and you really want that to be a wonderful reflection…


I know we must bring all of ourselves to our lives if we’re to feel the joy of knowing we matter, knowing we’re enough, and knowing we are all we need to be.

Half-heartedly wishing it was easier is never going to carry us to being all we can be. Life is simply not wired that way.

I believe that creating the space for each of us to explore what it means to reach our full potential is vital for our success. We need to be in an environment where being nurtured, accountable, supported, and championed as we go for our own personal dreams is a huge part of what it takes to triumph. There is more than enough negativity in this world. There is more than enough people wanting to tear each other down. It’s tiring. It’s not inspiring. So you and I need to ensure we support one another through all our ups and downs, so we can give each other the best opportunity to find our own voice and find our own path.

And I know that you have it within you to change your life, and by doing so you can be the example this world needs more than ever of what passion, determination, and compassion can create.

I’m passionate about coaching, psychology, entrepreneurship, creativity, innovation, fitness, health, making a difference, speaking, sales, leadership, just to name a few…

And I’m here for you. We are here to serve. The Coaching Institute is built to help you Live Your Dream. It’s built on a foundation of passion, compassion, determination, and commitment for you and your dreams.


Now it is time for you

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"I don't like BS. I like helping people.
It is my passion."

Perhaps you want to be a little more involved… You can join one of our telecasts which we run, which are free.

Or perhaps you’ve been considering becoming a coach and you’d like to find out what’s involved. That’s how I began my journey.

Or, for you it’s more a personal journey and you want to learn about yourself, what makes you tick, and how you can build your self esteem. The Ultimate You Quest program is a global movement that is transforming lives.

Whether you’re looking to make a big change in your personal life, want to become a coach, or just want to connect with like minded people, we’re here to help you reach your version of your best self.

I make mistakes, I play full-out, I have 'non-fans' and supporters, and I don’t have all the answers. I have challenging days where I’m not at my best, and I have wonderful experiences that I never dreamed would be my reality. I am flawed, opinionated, passionate and compassionate. I don’t like BS. I do enjoy helping people. It’s my passion.


And always, I’m trying to figure myself out. A lifetime journey!

For a long time I have remained unwavering in my commitment to helping people get rid of whatever is holding them back, so they can soar, triumph, love, learn, grow and give to others. I’m pretty sure we’re all here to support one another, and when I see it in others, it’s wonderful.

Hey, if you’re still here, thank you.

I trust that this is the beginning of us getting to know one another. 

If you’d like to hear me (or see me—it’s on Youtube), you can join me on my podcast, Perspectives.


If you’d like to find out more about what it takes to become a coach, you can click here.

Thank you for taking the time to visit me here. I’m delighted that we’re connected and I look forward to how our journeys unfold.

Here's to you!