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Divorce by 1000 Papercuts: This is The End of Your Marriage

Matthew Fray, author of "This Is How Your Marriage Ends", dissects his marriage breakdown and the micro moments that leads to divorce.

Matthew and I discuss the ways we show up for our significant other and how we can provide safety and security for them in our relationships, and moreover how to grow into better people and partners for them now and throughout the turmoil of life.

Together we unpack

- How relationships can break down

- How safety and security can grow and develop in a relationship - How to notice the blind spots in a relationship and rebuild trust

In the podcast we explore together:

08:55 What led to the breakdown in Matthews Marriage

16:25 The Erosion of Safety and Trust in Relationships

22:01 Cultural Relationship Roles of Men and Women

37:56 Creating safety in relationships with Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs

1:00:05 Responsibility in Relationships

1:17:06 Emotional Bids

1:35:53 Building Trust In Relationships

1:46:56 Co-dependent Relationships

1:56:59 How to Notice Blind Spots in Relationships



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