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Relationships: Should I Stay or Should I Go? With Dr. David Richo

Join me in this #Perspectives episode for an in-depth conversation with psychotherapist Dr. David Richo about his latest book "Ready: How to Know When to Stay and When to Go". The conversation goes deep into the confronting decision of leaving a relationship, what prevents us from leaving relationships that don't serve us, and how we regain our sense of self.

Together we unpack

- Why not accepting what is, or not stepping back and looking at our situations, can cause us so much distress

- The ways we measure our worthiness and what has an impact on our sense of worth in a relationship - The foundations of healthy relationships and independence, and why we stay too long in relationships that don't work for us

In the podcast we explore together:

02:00 When we Start Questioning if our Situation is Enough for us

14:45 Clinging to the Status Quo

23:04 The Five A's

34:00 Finding your own Needs

44:10 Hope in Relationships

53:28 Peter Pan Syndrome



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