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Transform Your Relationship Using These "Language Needles"

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Joining me on this episode of the Braveheart podcast is author, podcaster, and life and relationship coach Bryan Reeves who has written the book, Choose Her Every Day or Leave Her. If you are someone who is looking to make some sense of the senselessness in your relationship then you would want to watch this episode.

Together we unpack...

- How we can heal and unlearn how we have been taught to suppress emotions in our relationships.

- The differences in needs between masculine and feminine energies and how this impacts relationships.

- How to make your partner feel safe and connected through the see, stop, soothe model.

In the podcast we explore together:

13:00 ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ How we Have Been Taught to Suppress our Emotions from a Young Age

17:30 Validating Feminine Energy

24:00 Invitation Versus Obligation in Relationships

32:50 What Helps us Feel Safe or Not Feel Safe in Relationships

42:50 Getting Out of Our Heads and Into our Bodies

50:50 Learning and Earning Relationship Skills

54:50 Language Needles

1:00:50 The See Solve, See-Saw of Insanity

1:04:00 Masculine Energy

1:11:00 Women Do Not Need to Shrink Themselves to Accommodate Their Partner

1:17:50 The Three Stages of Love 1:30:00 Pathways to Healing



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