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Four Levels of Consciouness with Remi Pearson "The Journey To Radical Self Acceptance"

200 plus of The International Coaching Institute most advanced coaches joined Remi Pearson for her latest live training all about conscious coaching.

We explored the four levels of consciousness and how they can help us become more aware of our own thoughts and feelings. The four levels of consciousness are: Unconscious, Subconscious, Conscious, and Superconscious. The Unconscious level is the level of our primal instincts and habits. It is the level of our automatic reactions and behavior. The Subconscious level is the level of our beliefs and values. It is the level of our deeply held beliefs and values that shape our behavior and decisions. The Conscious level is the level of our conscious awareness and decision making. It is the level of our conscious thoughts and decisions. The Superconscious level is the level of our higher awareness and intuition. It is the level of our spiritual understanding and connection to our higher selves

What others loved about the training and being in the room with Remi:

Thank you Remi and team! Incredible value!

So grateful to be part of this awesome tribe and on this exciting journey with you all. Julie-Anne Ratcliffe AMAZING TRAING!

If I could give 10 starts I would. The level of content delivered in the International Coaching Institute is phenomenal. I also love that it is all research backed with links to all the sources so I can go deeper into the research the I want to.

Having this level of training gives me confidence that what I'm sharing with clients is sound and truely transformational in their lives.

Thank you Remi and the WOW team 💝 Mignon Joy Lifelong learner, Remi shares so much knowledge and goes so deep in her trainings, don't miss them, what you learn will change your life of you let it! Emma Titford Love and appreciate this awesome training by Remi. So much valuable info. Really got connected with how to listen to our own feelings and give it space and acknowledgement. It helps to heal from the trauma and not use it as excuse to stop living my true authentic me. Mary Agnes

I now really would encourage anyone to do this training it is awesome It is 12 Star ************ You learn so much, need to do it for yourself, for your growth and development as a coach and as a person, just give the time to do it. Don't wait do it soon as you can. Chris Carder I felt honored to be served by one of the best and most generous Coaching Trainers in the world at ICI, Remi. So much awareness and insight, I definitely have more tools for my life and coaching. I would give this ten starts if I could.

Thank you, you are so amazing and a gift to us Remi! Frances Kosseh Absolutely blown away by the interactive teachings at FOUR LEVELS OF CONSCIOUSNESS live event today. 10 stars Remi Pearson! Donnalee O'Sullivan

Life changing, phenomenal training with Remi, deep dive into conscious coaching. Annie Toscher



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