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How many nights until an Overnight Success with Dorie Clark

Join me on my #Perspectives podcast with Dorie Clark; an author, coach, business person and strategic thinker who is a part of the top 50 business thinkers in the world.

We discuss:

- The long game

- The benefit of thinking long term

- The concept of optimising for interesting

Dorie Clark is a human being who has thought strategically about her career and about cutting through the noise to be heard.

My favourite topic in the world is learning how to think strategically and more effectively. It's not what to think, it's about how to think, and that's what Dorie has written about in her book 'The Long Game'. My conversation with Dorie was brief but interesting until the end. We discussed how to build and position our brand, how to craft our message and how to get the most strategic leverage possible so we can maximise returns on our effort. We discussed brand building vs revenue profit and the flip side to that coin. How with choosing to build your brand is more costly but results with better long term results. That fed into our discussion of the benefits of thinking long term. How the person we will be in 20 years time will thank us for the decisions we make today. How that you never say "I wish I didn't go to the gym yesterday".

I loved our conversation on 'Optimising for interesting' and how we should spend 20% of our time exploring the things that interest you. This is particularly helpful for people who don't know what their passion is and don't love their current work. This can lead to you figuring out more about yourself and how you operate.

In the podcast we explore together:

4.51 Brand building vs Revenue pursuit 5.45 The long game 12.53 The benefit of thinking long term 17.47 Optimise for interesting 25.17 The 4 waves framework 30.00 Strategic leverage

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