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How To Do Million Dollar Launches in the First Hour with Jeff Walker

Updated: Feb 4, 2022

Join me on my #Perspectives podcast with Jeff Walker; the author of the number-one New York Times bestseller 'Launch'.

He has coached and mentored big names such as Bill Glazer, Dan Kennedy, Dean Graziosi, Tony Robbins, Greg Clement. He's had amazing success in the world of launch marketing and fortunately for us, he explains how.

We discuss:

- How to make an Impact

- Product Launch Formula (PLF)

- Psychology of Marketing

- Wave of Familiarity

Throughout the conversation with Jeff, I spoke of the impact his Product Launch Formula (PLF) had on me, finding him in 2005 and all the way till now, implementing his strategies into our own business every single day.

We discussed our customer bases and how for us they go beyond selling. Found more impactful when becoming a strong meaningful relationship, connecting on a deeper level. Overall leading to the amazing 97% retention of over 3 years we've been able to have for the past 15 years.

Delving into one of my favorite areas of business in the psychology of marketing and how it is targeted in his Product Launch Formula, I give him feedback and address an additional trigger to add to his list.

We explore his approach to launch marketing and the 'Gentle Ocean Wave of Familiarity'. What happens next is a thorough breakdown of his step-by-step process to launch marketing on whatever the scale of your business.

Finally, Jeff shared some tips on how to implement his Product Launch Formula into your own business to conclude our in-depth launch marketing focussed conversation. You can check it out below :)

In the podcast we explore together:

3.06 'Launch' and the PLF System

6.57 How to Make an Impact

14.43 Connecting with the customer on a deeper level

28.25 Psychology of Marketing

33.35 Insane Success Story: Student Anne

51.21 Gentle Ocean Wave of Familiarity

56.59 Three Primary Launches

1:14:45 Jeff's Success Story

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