How To Embrace Ambiguity with Srini Pillay

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

A conversation with a Harvard trained psychiatrist and brain researcher.

Today, on the #Perspective podcast join me and a Harvard-trained psychiatrist and brain researcher who was voted one of the Top 20 movers and shakers in leadership development in the world, Dr. Srini Pillay.

Srini has a naturally inquisitive mind. He is always asking questions, wondering and pondering how and why things happen the way they do. We discussed a vast array of concepts and ideas that are truly inspiring.

We explored the power of perspective. Embracing ambiguity; right vs wrong, good vs bad, diving into the concept of naive realism. Opening our eyes to different interpretations.

I believe our discussion of the consciousness will be of particular interest to others. The concept of god and the relationship we have with our own consciousness. How we interpret meaning, the decisions we make, the feelings we feel, are all a matter of perspective.