#PERSPECTIVES EPISODE 2 | Life's Good So Why Am I Not Happy?



Our external happiness isn't always how we truly feel behind closed doors. Join Sharon as she recounts her raw and real personal-development journey. She takes you back to the beginning and how she went from feeling stuck, hollow and useless to creating a life where she felt fulfilled, emotionally stronger, and internally successful.



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Elysium “Glam” Nyguen: Are we on? All right let's do this

Sharon Pearson: Important topic.

G: Hello SP, it’s so wonderful to have you back

SP: Thank you.

G: We're live again on the SP Perspectives podcast.

SP: We are

G: And we’re back for episode number two.

SP: Yes after some amazing comments

G: Some really incredible feedback and comments out.

SP: Very encouraging.

G: Yes being reading through it the other day because one of the questions we ask everyone was if it's OK. We go deep and is it OK if we go too far and is it OK. We explore some ideas that are different and diverse and welcoming different perspectives.

SP: I was speaking with a friend today who listened. Or watched and they said. She shared. You had vulnerability and strengths at the same time. And. That's who I am off as well as on yes. And I did and I find that a challenge and to be. That. With a camera like I'm uncomfortable saying that. But. It is so much easier just to be strong on camera. Lately I've gotten together and just be strong and just be capable and have the answers. That is a much well-trodden path for people. And I get it. I really do. But I kind of made a commitment to myself as I was speaking with ICE picked Boston about this a lot that if I'm going to do it it's got to. It's got to be truthful. It really has. And I was only saying tonight to my friend who we look like and how we present on the outside and whatever success looks like to others on the outside. Unless that's matched on the inside.

G: Yes.

SP: I don't feel quite authentic him you about that word. But also talking about where those two things a line doesn't happen enough.

G: Yeah.

SP: So I don't mind talking about that. I'm building up to that. I got going. I haven't even had a drink and I'm. Going to ease into. Let's talk about where the eternal wine is a wine necessarily and what am I doing about that and why does that matter? Because for a lot of years it didn't matter that my insides didn't match my outsides as a man I'm no good at making money. I'm. I'm good I've got money in the bank I've got a flash car when I check the boxes on the outside. I didn't I didn't even know how to go inside.

G: Yeah.

SP: And that's in my book obviously. So look at you. You've edited it like 12 times

G: and I think that's such an important message of the book and I think it's why it's getting the making the impact that it's making. Because I think some people would have felt the way that you felt or another had a far away at a community never had a space where they could open up about that.

SP: Yeah. And also hear that other people are the same.

G: Yeah I know they're not alone and they're not.

SP: Not only in the not alone but the journey. You know I'm here and sitting with you right now saying the journey is tough. It's not a weekend intensive I can't Ra my way to this type of success.

G: Yeah.

SP: I can't peak state my way. Because up on the weekends done and I'm all for that kind of weekend you know. But when the weekends down I'm going to go back to living.

G: Yeah.

SP: And if I go back into the same environment with the same people. And I don't know what to do about that I'm going to start experiencing the same stuff I experienced prior to the weekend. And that causes a lot of despondent. So what do you do about that? So it's. Yes we're not alone. We've all got this journey going on whether we are aware of it or not whether we're conscious to it or not whether we're running on automatic or not but knowing what to do with that okay great. And go with it. Now what do I do? That's the conversation that. I'm building the courage to have.

G: Yeah. It's such an important conversation. And one of the things is on the most common themes or arising so are the comments and questions that we're asking because we asked you know what would people love to hear more about? And it's a lot more of that conversation

SP: really?

G: It's more of that space of you know.

SP: Great.

G: You know I know we've heard this on these messages before but what do I do about that?

SP: And I'm so glad I'm not the only freak in the room. You know what I mean, I’m like this I'm writing it. I know is trog that it's writing in the shadows writing my book alone not really knowing how that's being perceived and it's really important to hear. Yes that's there's others who feel that way because writing such a lonely rewarding like it's really I can love it.I wouldn't have it any other way. Like you know me I guess it's helped me learn. What was it like 12 hours writing, did you go public with your ideas?

G:Oh my God.

SP: Okay. It's now out there isn't it.

G: Yeah.

SP: Like here's my art, now comment

G: And I want to say thank you.

SP: Well you're awesome.

G: For the amount of vulnerability you put in that book.

SP: I appreciate that out there and thank you and I thank you for editing 12 times.

G: We did a really good.

SP: We did. Well it's very validating that this the conversation people want to have.

G: Yeah.

SP: What else do people want to hear about?

G: Well I think because in the natural next question that we will get a lot of e-mail you know that was Well how did you do that?

SP: Ok.

G: How did you come to something credible messages and themes you share in the book?

SP: Yes.

G: And almost a step before that will how did all this start for you?\

SP: Why did I?

G: Why did it start?

SP: It's such a great question. Is one question but why did I ever decide not to stay on automatic?