#PERSPECTIVES EPISODE 4 | 10 Years to an Overnight Success



Discover the truth behind Sharon Pearon's 'overnight success'.

Join Sharon Pearson and Elysium Nguyen (Glam) in the long awaited discussion on how Sharon created her successful business and the journey from where it all began to now. If you are just starting out in your business, already a business owner or thinking about that pathway, this is the episode for you.



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Elysium “Glam” Nguyen: Beautiful.

Sharon Pearson: Thank you. Let's drink.

G: I think we're on! Hello.

SP: Yes.

G: Thank you so much for being here.

SP: My pleasure.

G: Welcome to episode three of perspectives.

SP: Yes this is wonderful. It's so wonderful.

G: We’ve been getting so many comments and that's

SP: Have we? Good.

G: Yeah the last couple of episodes right. And I was imagining what the world and more than it was in the conversation.

SP: Yes. Brilliant.

G: And we had great response so far. And one of the things that I love to get you on today and that is the conversation around there's so many people who are starting out business now and you can see the success that we created and the culture and

SP: The overnight success

G: Yeah.

SP: That is higher.

G: Yeah.

SP: It was nothing, was hanging around and ended up on the beach. On that You know, Tim Ferris never meant the four hour work week to be taken literally.

G: Yeah.

SP: Did you know that?

G: I didn’t actually yeah.

SP: He’s spoken now on a couple of podcasts made it really clear it was never it was just the kind of the title that you did it's your local dish and is beginning to talk to let everybody risen most of it I’m telling you know, Tim has never done for heaven's sake. And he doesn't have his laptop at the beach just to be clear. So this whole kill the myth now early.

G: Yes.

SP: I’m such a motivational speaker but I can't keep, I can’t perpetuate that BS, so Tim he never has done the 4 hour work week unless on holiday.

G: No I don’t know anyone successful to do a 4 hour work week

SP: It was more a tag each, or a symbol of getting organised and delegating where you can

G: Yeah. And that's impossible.

SP: Well four hours as was a little bit so clear to that extent that he doesn't believe that he meant this is symbolic of how to think smart of your business.

G: Yeah.

SP: How did these virtual systems and how to access and stuff that it was never going to get?

G: Yes

SP: you know what. If you want to work for hours it’s probably not your thing.

G: Completely.

SP: What was the last time I did four hours on 18 hours away from my elevator is every

decade? I've does have always my thing.

G: Yes. And you want to put the time in. It lights you up.

SP: Yes people say they want to make all of money for this do for hours you want to get the rest of the way.

G: Yes, that is such a good point.

SP: It's not your thing. Then what do you do? It's like sort of a visual. Most people I know they just get bored of the beach after two weeks have really had a few days.

G: Yes.

SP: So we're two weeks five. We've done a lot of lifestyle. We've done eight hours work. Competitors have done that in a day.