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Self-Care is not as simple as taking baths, lighting candles and pampering yourself, it’s allowing yourself the time to feel your emotions and tell yourself you’re doing great, who you are today is okay, all of you is enough, more than. Tune into this episode of #Perspectives to learn the steps to take to develop and practice true self-care and self-compassion so that you can bring more love and light into your life.


1.55 Continue the conversation on compassion…what is self-compassion… What it means to have compassion for yourself.

  • Often as soon as you say compassion people think it's something you got to bring for other people.

  • Seeing myself accurately and accepting myself which is always an unfolding journey

  • Every time I think I'm getting to know myself then a year later I look back, I knew nothing.

  • Favourite line from Game of Thrones is the ‘You know nothing Jon Snow’ because every year when I think I’m getting a clue, a year goes past and I realise you know nothing Sharon.

  • Self-compassion has not been my strong suit. I always strive so much and I want to grow so much, and I want to learn so much. Pausing and even long enough to reflect, ‘You’re okay, you’re okay as you are, you’re doing okay,’ instead of striving for the next thing to ‘be okay’.

  • That's been a big part of my addiction for years and I've been working for five years now on enjoying the pauses the breaths, as much as the run, the sprint and as much as the marathon.

  • But it's still my slick. This journey for me of self-compassion is accepting me as I am in this moment and being really okay about it, including all my flaws.

  • But to say I accept myself, I've got to see myself accurately first. So to me self-compassion isn't an arrival point it's an ever unfolding moments of learning more about who I am and who I could be and how I'm showing up.

  • And it's not as simple as having baths and light candles and meditating. Self-compassion is I'm doing great. Who I am today is okay, all of me is more than enough. More than.

5.30 So it's not just bath salts and candles and mood lighting.

  • Which people call self-care, It’s a much deeper reflection within ourselves. Am I showing up in this moment taking care of me? You know people pleasers. This is for you. People pleasing is, suppressing me expressing what I need in this moment.

  • Self-compassion is feeling it, noticing I feel it, acknowledging I feel it, expressing I feel it and then the ultimate is having that acknowledged appropriately and compassionately, that self-compassion.

  • compassion could probably be measured by how people allow you to express and can reflect it back to you accurately, respectfully and appropriately and fully not just the bits and aspect that their comfortable with but all the aspects.

7.30 What would be the first step for someone that supresses their emotions to begin to identify what their feeling

  • I've had feelings all my life everybody has. To consciously tune into it for the purposes of self-compassion, that's a whole different conversation because we can reactively just feel what we feel and say that’s self-compassion but it’s no