#PERSPECTIVES | The Mess & Magic Behind My Multi-Million Dollar Mission



Discover all magic behind The Coaching Institutes success and the mess that comes with running a 8-figure business. Sharon is joined by the amazing Matt Lavars, the head trainer, who is literally the embodiment of everything that The Coaching Institute stands for. He is living his dream today as a successful coach, and a successful trainer, rocking out with our students. This episode goes into the raw truth and commercial reality behind the ups and downs of running a successful business. If you're up for a frank and open conversation about business success, this is the episode for you. So grab a cup of tea and join us as we dive into this conversation together.



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Elysium “Glam” Nguyen: Welcome to the perspectives podcast with Sharon Pearson. I’m standing here in an amazing room at The Coaching Institute head campus here in Melbourne with an incredible room of advanced coaches. And I have an amazing person joining us today. She is. She is the most successful coach in business in Australia today. She founded The Coaching Institute 15 years ago and since then we've gone on to impact millions of lives around the world in over 81 countries. She's here today sharing what it takes to create business success what it takes to run a successful coaching business. One is way beyond your wildest dream when she first started and we're not going to talk about how it started or how she did it how, how she does it today what it takes to run the coaching is to today and create the success that it is today would that b e awesome? Yes. So she founded The Coaching Institute, she wrote the first Diploma of life coaching. She went on to create the world's first and only research based coaching methodology, Meta Dynamics™ which you guys are rocking out with. And she's also she brought together over I think over 100 coaches professional coach in Australia . And together they founded the International Coach Guild on a mission to raise standards of coaching. She's an incredible woman who's done incredible things. And joining her on stage is the amazing trainer who is literally the embodiment of everything that The Coaching Institute stands for. He is living his dream today as a successful coach a successful trainer several speaker he's rocking out with you guys. So will you please join me in welcoming the amazing Sharon Pearson and Matt Lavars,

Sharon Pearson: Thank you for that great welcome. I just said to Matt that happens everywhere I go. Newsagents. Bakers, coffee shops, cinemas… The important thing is is having Glam in my handbag everywhere I go so she can do that incredible welcome.

Matt Lavars: She does such a good job doesn't she

S: She does so thank you for joining me on stage today.

M: Oh you're so welcome. Thank you so much for having me.

S: And thank you all, trust it’s okay I’m doing an encore with you all.

M: Because we thought it would be something that you guys would want to be part of.

M: You obviously get to listen to the podcast but you. You're in it. Yes. Which is really wonderful.

S: Yeah. So we thought what we would do is as Glam said rather than do how I began which I am interviewed endlessly. What were your first steps. What was your first million. I have recorded everything about how I began.

M: You've done it so many times

S: So many times. And this isn't for my entertainment. This is OK. What does it take to run a 8 figure. This is this is very rarely do we talk about well what is it to run an 8 figure and to run multiple and have new businesses. We don't tend to talk about where it's at now. So I'd like to say that because I think the coaching community gets a lot of examples of how to start and always show lots of examples, I wanted to show well if you start like that where do you get.

M: I think there's a lot of people in the industry that are newly successful so they go from I don't know how to do it too. You know I've done my first 10000 20000 a month.

S: I think most new coaches quit. Yeah I mean it's a reality. Why am I successful after this long. I lasted

M: Yeah.

S: A lot of it's lasting. I'm playing smart stuff my first year I would network and I kept meeting first year coaches. I met one five year Coach.

M: Yeah.

S: My first year.


S: Is it your experience you meet a lot of new coaches.

M: Yeah. And I see a new business start then dissolve.

S: I outlasted, I was never going to quit. So I built the bridges on doing anything else.

M: Yeah.

S: Because I tried the I'll put one time the water and see if it works out for me like it's going to do anything if I'm just got one toe in the water.

M: Yeah.

S: So it just became all in very early on. So things took off. My God I did that.

M: I think it's also your values; they’re very different to most business owners. I think most business owners have values of quick now and it doesn't matter how I treat other people. I see that a lot vs. the very long term thinking. Do the right thing and take care of people and how do you see because you've been in the industry for years.

S: Since before it was a thing in Australia.

M: Yeah that's a really long time, before Facebook.

S: It got personal fast

M: so people will be listening to this on Spotify YouTube and none of them existed.

S: Yeah I wasn't there when I was in coaching before those internet, email was just yea. So there was no Internet. So to get leads back in the day was a newspaper or magazine or speaking. Yeah there was spreading words. There was. It was very very expensive because I had been pretty well they had the whole market sign up. So today it's so easy for the mainstream businesses. So yeah. So as free internet. Yeah. Within the first year the Internet came into being. I was there for its public inception

M: And so because you've been there for a long time you must have seen so many people come and go. Like you were saying before. What's the difference. What why. Why have you stayed. And why have they not stayed.

S: Well I'm going to make myself look good with this answer so you get that because we can only see ourselves through the best frames possible. There may be aspects of why TCI is still going so strong and doing so well after all these years that are bad reasons. And I don't know that yet. You can only know what you know about yourself and your thinking. So maybe this is not true. But the best of my ability. The differences are longevity and attitude. I’m in this for life. Yes completely. I mean even longer. My God why would you why would you bother. That's why I think well why would you waste your time. I'm here to discover. How much I really mean what my values. Yeah. Like really running backs to the wall. And it's really tough. And it's not convenient.

M: Yeah.

S: Do I live my values because that's a measure of me inspiring myself.

M: Yeah. And you've had many opportunities for that to be.

S: Yeah I could've gone the other way I'd gone to the dark side. Yeah I am doing these because it meets my need for significance to be known. I mean we were laughing at the back of the room when Glam was so beautifully saying I was the most successful coach in Australasia, I went, ‘weird if I wasn't’ awkward.

S: I get significance from it

M: would be a shit introduction if it was like the second best coach in Melbourne. Doing well about to branch into Geelong.

S: So I get significance from I draw huge power like an Energizer. Yeah from being great at what I do.

M: Yeah it's super resourceful as well. This is great.

S: Yeah it fires me up to know I’m great at something that I'm unapologetically and unself consciously or my passion energy into rocking and doing it and demonstrating it as we did. Well you saw me last week it lit me up like a Christmas tree all the time I get to demonstrate so I'm fired up yeah. And it fuels my fire. Yeah to be great at it. Which means I try harder to learn more to be great at it just keeps self perpetual energy its free energy.

Yes free energy. Yeah.

M: Which is wonderful. I think most people come from the model we're talking about this. I think this morning or yesterday most people have the model of my life needs to balance.

S: That's the thing people are searching for.

M: What are you balancing out? You're balancing out the holidays with not wanting to be around work and it's such a broken model

S: the whole thing was introduced for the industrial age. Yeah so it was eight hours factory. The poem would go everyone had to go to work and do something you can plug in in school. The same number of hours so that I could all learn how to turn up the factory floor because most were worker bees.

M: Yeah.

S: There is nothing wrong with that but that's literally what society was when all the people flooded off the farms into the cities. The sound of the horn signified 6 days but then what. Take care of the kids. It became a production line.

M: Yeah.

S: And that's where balance came from. Eight hours of work eight hours of rest eight hours of sleep. So to me it's a construct. It's a cultural construct. I don't believe in I have a different construct. Yeah I have passion fuels me. It's free fuel.

M: Yeah.

S: So what we do is passionate. I do what's hard until it's passionate.