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#PERSPECTIVES | The Moment That Inspired A Global Mission



Sharon, along with Glam and others are soon embarking on TCI’s first world tour and in this episode, they share some details on what’s going to make it so special. If you make it to one of the locations, you can expect high levels of openness and spontaneity, and to dive right in and play with some tricky but important topics, including Sharon’s three guiding questions:

  1. Is what I’m doing working?

  2. If it’s not working, what am I doing about it?

  3. If I’m going to do something about it, who’s already done it and what did they do?


0.55 I think people already know, but this podcast is to reconfirm the World Tour announcement

  • We’re going to New York, Los Angeles, London, Melbourne, Sydney, and then maybe somewhere in Singapore and/or Auckland

  • The training we’re going to be doing is How to Become a Successful Coach

  • 16 years ago I went to an event like this and for 16 years I’ve been remembering how it touched me and shaped my journey

  • Now we get that opportunity to have these conversations with people who are perhaps just at the beginning of their journey

  • One of the great gifts of coaching is not only helping other people but how much you grow and learn about yourself through your service to others

  • When I started my journey, I was filled with fears and self-doubt

  • Every limit you could imagine around self sabotage I had, and I still have a few of them

  • My starting point was “How do I get out of bed and function?”

  • So if you’re there, or anywhere further down the path, you’ll have a great time at this event

5.39 We were in Sydney just a few weeks ago, and one of the members shared that she saw a two-minute video of you (Sharon) and it reignited a fire within her, to change the world, that she hasn’t felt since she was a teenager

  • It’s okay to dream that big! Who convinced you that your dream wasn’t worth holding on to?

  • Hopefully that two minute video helped, It can be a hard journey, a meandering journey, but it’s worth it

  • That’s part of what’s so powerful about what you teach now, is you’ve taken the meandering journey and you’ve developed such amazing models that other people can follow

7.14 There are three questions that dictate how I live my life

  • Is what I’m doing working?

  • If it’s not working, what am I doing about it?

  • If I’m going to do something about it, who’s already done it and what did they do?

  • When we ask is it working that could mean, is what you’re doing giving you joy, fulfilment, meaning?

  • Are you’re choices enabling you to have intimate relationships with yourselves and others that you love?

  • If not, are you going to do something about it? And who are you going to do it with?

10.12 I used to have this wonderful diluted of the world, that If I keep doing this harder and more the eventually world will see it my way

  • Then one day it occurred to me, the world’s not changing

  • It took me 17 years to realize the world’s probably not going to change, it’s probably going to need to be me

  • If there’s anything that’s worth showing up to this event for it’s not the one or two days we have together it’s the 17 years I’ve invested learning this stuff

  • We feel best when we’re making progress

  • When you show up to this event you can’t expect to sit back, I’ll be asking the hard questions

  • It’s okay not to have the answers, but be willing to play around and try some things on

  • The most important things are to be open to learn, spontaneous, and emotionally open with yourself and others

16.30 You know how often I’ve gotten the feedback that I should soften the message? But I can’t…

  • I can’t do that because someone who is ready for the message might not hear it because I’m not courageous enough to say it and that would be a huge disservice to them

  • I’m not interested in the status quo, I’m not interested in emotional safety where nothing is risked, not interested in covering up

19.40 As coaches, we learn to hold people with our hearts and help them with our heads

  • But you can’t help with the head if you haven’t got the heart

  • If we can’t see them, with everything, the shame, everything their hiding, and hold them gently with all of that, there are limits on that breakthrough

  • Once you’re holding someone fully, you can start to answer the important questions

  • You’ve got to feel it, you can’t be totally intellectual and passive about it

  • And that’s who comes along to the workshops, they come ready to lean in and get right into it

  • One way I like to open, is we have to act like we’ve known each other for 20 years

23.35 Let’s talk about the Barnes & Noble Union square book signing

  • Wednesday, 25th of September, 7pm

  • If you’re in New York, come along, bring friends and family

  • Apparently it’s the biggest book store in New York

  • We’d love to have a big showing

  • There will be a golden scroll gift if you come and buy the book which includes interviews and various other bonuses (see in resources below)

  • Barnes & Noble got exclusive rights to the book in New York

  • If you can’t make it, contact Barnes & Noble to order it, and Sharon will sign some in advance (contact info in resources)

  • If you order it from Barnes & Noble remotely, we’ll send you the golden scroll via email (send us your receipt at

  • Order by 25th of September

27.35 This book has changed people’s lives

  • 3 men in the past few months have shared with me that the book has saved their lives

  • Tom shared “As I worked through the models of self love, I reconnected with my heart, my emotions and my inner world. I let go of fears, control, and anger and took responsibility for my own needs…I now love being me”

  • We would love to see you on the world tour and at the book signing!


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