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#PERSPECTIVES | The Three Steps to Create Transformation

Join Sharon live in London, the third stop of the world tour, and listen is as she discusses expanding our awareness and acceptance of a perceived issue in our life before we jump to action, in order to create real and lasting solutions rather than superficial ones.


0.22 What we need to do for our selves and our clients is create real transformation, by helping them reclaim, reconnect and restore every emotion

· There are three steps to transformation

· Awareness > Acceptance > Activation

· If I want to experience a different reality, what’s causing my current reality?

· Thoughts, perceptions, habits, conditioning, programming

· Action coaching is just giving help on steps they can take to solve their problems but that doesn’t help them expand awareness of their thoughts, perceptions…

· Nothing in the mind will change

· Transformational coaching is about setting them up to make the decisions themselves by expanding their understanding of themselves

· Fixating on the problem ignores the source of the problem, and there will always be others to take its place


· I was raised to not have access to anger, anger was banned in my family, for girls, dad could get angry

· What emotions were not allowed for some of you?

· Audience Member: Expression

· Sharon: What do you mean by expression?

· AM: I loved to talk, and my mum put up a photo that said “you’re not allowed to talk too much, shut up”

· S: Why do you think the sign went up?

· AM: Because I talk too much, that’s what she said

· S: That’s not why the sign went up

· AM: Because she couldn’t handle it

· S: There it is, so who was it really about?

· AM: Her

· S: Right, but when you’re a kid it’s hard to see that. How do you think your mother was raised

· AM: Raised in a house where children were meant to be seen, not heard

· S: And how do you think the people that raised her were raised?

· AM: Same way

· S: Isn’t that interesting. I call it a tribal cycle. When I’m coaching you, I’m coaching the tribal cycle that taught you what you see, which is “the sign went up because I talk to much” instead of “the sign went up because she couldn’t handle it”

· I’m loving your mother right now. Why?

· Because we’re going to now move to acceptance. We’ve got the awareness piece, now let’s move on to part two

· Because she need to hear this too. As did you grandmother, and all the rest

· We’re all victims of victims

· If we find a perpetrator, we are putting the problem outside of ourselves

· “If they had only been different” but we’re talking about changing generations of tribal cycles

· Instead we have to say, this stops with me

13.30 This is one of my favourite models, we’ve got two scales, there’s the self (awareness, acceptance and more) and on the other, there are our problems