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Compassion can often be confused between self-sacrifice and empathy…so what is true compassion? Discover the difference and learn how to take the steps to fully embody compassion on this episode of #Perspectives, so that you can begin to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with others and yourself.


1:15 What is compassion and what is not compassion.

  • Sometimes compassion can be confused between self-sacrifice or empathy or what is what….What is compassion?

  • I think it’s misrepresented a lot of the time. People say ‘I'm a compassionate person’ but there's a lot of surface to it. And we need to have depth.

2:00 Difference between Empathy and Compassion

  • To me empathy is feeling what I'm able to relate to, what someone else is feeling or experiencing.

  • Compassion is going a step further and wanting to help resolve that or be part of their journey with them and be ok with that and not make you it about ourselves.

  • Whereas where it can get unhealthy is, it looks like compassion to someone, though what they're really doing is making their feelings that person's feelings or taking on the person whose hurting feelings and being upset with them.

3:30 Example of expressing empathy vs compassion

  • Empathy is a demonstration. It’s wanting to know the feelings, perceptions and thoughts

  • Compassion is working out with the person what do we do with this, do we do anything, do we just sit with it.

  • Without empathy we can’t have compassion

5.38 Before empathy there first comes the I-amness, the sense of self

6:00 Narcissistic Listening

  • Narcissistic listening is not compassion. This type of listening is, they shared something and then you say, ‘yea that happened to me,’ or ‘recently I’ turning the conversation back on them.

6:35 Steps and layers

  • Compassion is the top Layer

  • Then empathy to get compassion

  • But we’ve got to earn empathy by being able to be kind to ourselves