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The Direction of Coaching | #PERSPECTIVES

Join Sharon as she delivers her keynote talk at the ICG Annual Coaching Summit. She dives into a BRAND NEW model and theory of coaching, where the industry is headed and the standards we're bringing to it. Tune in at 22 mins to discover her new theory of coaching.


Sharon Pearson: Hey I'm Sharon Pearson and I really want to thank you firstly so much for joining me on the perspectives journey and your feedback is so appreciated.

I'm so pleased that you're digging it. Please send in any questions you have about topics around different human perspectives that you'd love me to chat about. Coming up in this perspectives episode we have something a little different for you and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you at different times throughout the year I am fortunate enough and privileged enough to be able to present live in one of our training rooms here at the Coaching Institute Campus which means I'm in front of a studio of people wonderful coaches people who are interested in coaching methodologies who are simply passionate about being their very best selves and we have cameras everywhere.

It's one of the perks of having this beautiful campus and all the technology and the phenomenal team we have says cameras everywhere we capture it. We thought what better give to bring you today in this perspectives episode was a snippet from one of those trainings where I dive deep into an expert to human behaviour that I believe will really give you phenomenal value so you get to see me live.

It'll be either an online recording or it could be me live in front of an audience. Either way it's going to be an aspect of how we can rock out at this thing called life in a way that has deep meaning for ourselves because that's what this is all about. It's your perspective on a phenomenal life. So enjoy the show you may find a different time so I mentioned different things that aren't on camera. Use your imagination to fill in the gaps. Mostly however the narrative will unfold in a way that will make sense and I trust you get great value from. I look forward to your feedback and I hope if this goes well we get to bring you more shows from live events that we do here at the campus here in Melbourne Australia.

Good morning everybody. How are you? Wow. Throwing things at me from the audience is a, four stars. Glam is the sound coming through okay. Wonderful. So thank you for coming.

I think it's why hello it's so great that you're here. How wonderful are you getting value from it? Yes well I mean next to you you have 300 people here. So good start Matt and I we're just saying it should be 300 people we should have some booze out there and rotating and workshops in different rooms. What do you think? And who’s seeing perhaps they may be delivering one of those workshops. Yeah don’t you think Matt should be having little workshops going brainstorming things like that? I think it’ll be wonderful.

So I'm here today to have a chat about what is most valuable to you. There are a couple of things I'd like to slot in there as well. Firstly in 2020 we're moving the school TCI more towards evidence base. You guys have heard about that. So it's old news to you. Yeah you’re all over it.

Audience: Yesterday’s news

S: Yesterday's news that's almost old.

So we're going to start incorporating into it positive psychology CBT cognitive behavioural therapy what else solution based coaching strengths based coaching family therapy coaching yes there's a lot coming next year now.

It's great isn't it? So by the end of next year Matt and I are anticipating that the assessments will be upgraded and incorporating all of this as well. So it’ll become a benchmark. So we want the whole school to have that. Which means I’m going to take over advanced skills so I can start teaching what I’ve been studying? So that's the reason I want to move into advanced skills who's going to be joining me in advanced skills. Okay good. So I won’t be alone which would be weird. I'm. Going to run it twice next year and after that just annually and with the goal that Matt's going to want to be involved with that as well. He's doing lots of work in the same area.

So in advanced skills we're going to start introducing strengths based coaching solution based coaching positive psychology and coaching just a whole bunch of stuff that's going to flip the lid on how you approach coaching because I know we've done stacks of work in emotional world stacks of work in the quest work and now I want to make sure it's we will make sure it's really balanced. So both messages are there because we think they're both important to coaching. How does that sound. Good good good. I'm really pleased.

Are they ready for the other announcement Matt Glam Matt Glam Matt? Matt. Glat? I don’t do that. No not glat the bit about the other things that are. Shall I say anything about the.

The Meta Two, the Meta Two. Do I?

So we're also moving towards evidence more evidence based in Meta Two as well. So for those of you in pro coach the what you get and some you're getting Meta Two to separately we're going to move those five days to become more. It's already evidence based because the Meta profile is evidence based but there's other things we can teach you in there as well. So that's going to become radically different over the next two years the next one will probably remain reasonably consistent but we're looking to upgrade that as well. How does that sound.