The Making of an Amazon Queen - Sophie Howard

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I’m so pleased to introduce you to my latest guest, the Queen of Amazon, Sophie Howard.

I have been fascinated for some time about how well Amazon does as you all know it's growing at a tremendous rate. We discover in the podcast that it's grown by 44% in the last 12 months during these very interesting and challenging times.

Sophie has an interesting story to tell

In 2014 she started learning about Amazon – at this time she had a full-time job, two children and a brand-new baby and was trying to figure out how to do all this and make it work and be wonderful. She wasn’t really clear on her pathway, but she knew she wanted to work from home and have flexibility. We have a great conversation in this episode about how she came to Amazon which has been an amazing success for her including the sale of a couple of Amazon businesses, one sold after 18 months for a million dollars! It's a really wonderful and inspiring story