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The Power of How with Remi Pearson

Join me on this special edition of the #Perspectives podcast. This year I have had the pleasure of connecting with 1000's of new coaches in one of the live training. The Foundations of Coaching Success Externship. And in this episode, I wanted to share this magical moment we had in the room together.

Together we unpack

- The Power of Now and The Power of How

- Self Abandonment

- Looking within and sitting with the discomfort that may be within

In the podcast we explore together:

01.19 'We're Going to be Really Tolerant of All of us

04.21 The Power of Now in Practice (The Power of Now)

06.38 What Would you Like Me to Accept About You?

13:43 The Job of the World is to not Make you Happy

14:51 We are Responsible for our "Wholeness"

16:04 You can't make people do the work

19:27 Self-Abandonment

33:56 We don't Need The Drama



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